The SauceIt’s all about the sauce!

Many Guthrie’s Chicken Finger Fans DECLARE they know how to make Guthrie’s famous Signature Sauce. Over the years, we’ve heard countless ideas of what’s in the sauce – everything from Thousand Island dressing to grape jelly. And even though we’ll never tell, we sure do get a kick out of hearing your ideas. The only place to get true, authentic Guthrie’s Signature Sauce is at one of our 27 locations. 

Guthrie’s Signature Sauce began unlike most sauces. When founder Hal Guthrie made the decision to serve only chicken fingers, he didn’t go to a chef to create the sauce. He went to his younger children, Hud, Joe Kelley, and Anna Margaret. They happened to be with Hal that day, and he instructed them to come up with a chicken finger sauce. They mixed ingredients and created a variety of experimental sauces, but Hud came out the winner. The moment Hal tasted the sauce Hud had created, he knew it was destined to be famous. And he was right!



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