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The Box

Guthrie’s unique blend of Golden Fried Chicken Fingers, crispy fries, creamy cole slaw, buttery Texas Toast and, of course, our Signature Sauce, has seen its share of copycats. However, let’s set the record straight - we are the ORIGINAL CHICKEN FINGER SPECIALISTS!


The Bucket

Hosting a party? Grab a Guthrie’s Bucket – 25 of our famous Golden Fried Chicken Fingers and six Signature Sauces! The Guthrie’s Bucket is a must-have for any get-together!


The Tea

Sweet like Mama used to make it. Guthrie’s Famous Sweet Tea is perfect on its own or a great addition to your box. Add a squeeze of lemon and you’re all set.


The Sandwich

Golden Fried Chicken Fingers, crisp lettuce and our Signature Sauce nestled between a toasted bun. Guthrie's Fried Chicken Sandwich is everything but ordinary.


The Fries

Our crispy crinkle-cut fries are perfect on their own - Don't tell them any different. But pair them with a Guthrie's box, snack or sandwich and you're headed for a meal that can't be topped.


The Sauce

Often imitated, never duplicated. We developed our Signature Sauce and haven't changed the recipe since. Taste for yourself and see why!


The Partnership

For the past 50 years, Guthrie's has proudly partnered with Coca-Cola to provide you with the highest quality beverages to accompany your meal. You can enjoy a variety of refreshing Coke products at each of our locations.


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